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Monday, 19 January 2009

Cycling Isle of Wight - Route 4 - Cowes

Route 4 Cowes Map - This split section route can be enjoyed in 2 ways, Parkhurst Forest provides a short cut right through the middle of the outer trail but be warned that's the hillier route. If you do the full distance Newtown Creek is your furthest point west and a very beautiful area to stop off and admire the view. With the exception of the Parkhurst Forest cut off this is a fairly flat trail with hills here and there. Personally I would go anti clockwise and soak up the views from Gurnard Bay on the way back. 16 miles (28km)
Cycle Hire is available from Isleofwighthire.co.uk who have their offices 1st Call Car, Van & Cycle Hire in Sandown and Top Gear Vehicle Rentals Ltd in Cowes.

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