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Friday, 27 February 2009

iShares Cup coming to Sandown?

That's right you did read the title correctly. With Cowes almost ruled out now due to issues with the marquees, the cup is still looking to the Island to hold a round of the prestigious event.

The UK leg of the cup is due to take place on the 1st to 3rd of August which coincides with Cowes Week just as it did last year and became part of that event.

IF Sandown were to be used it would give it a much needed cash injection to the area especially with the loss of White Air this year. I'm unsure of how the logistics of the sailing would work but I'm sure from a spectator's point of view it would be fantastic looking across the bay. New and old businesses in the Sandown area would undoubtedly profit from such an event. You may also see a better spread of person traffic on the Island too as Cowes Week tends to become a very over crowded affair.

As a placement for the event I could see it working as you do have Sandown train station and Bembridge Airport in close proximity for spectators and entrants alike.


Bestival lineup News

Great news for Bestival fans is an awesome line up for 09

Massive Attack will headline the Friday night while Kraftwerk will take care of proceedings on the Saturday. Other bands confirmed are as follows:

MGMT, Fleet Foxes, The Klaxons, Bat For Lashes, Michael Nyman, The Beat, Squarepusher, Future Sound Of London, Little Boots, Seasick Steve, Friendly Fires, Florence & The Machine, Bjorn Again, Fujiya & Miyagi, Metronomy, Dub Pistols, James Yuill, Free Peace, VV Brown, Chase & Status, Golden Silvers, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, The Cuban Brothers, dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, Ebony Bones, Altern8, Passion Pit, 65 Days of Static.

I think you will agree it's an amazing lineup and i'm sure the few tickets that are left will be snapped up pronto.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

More Isle of Wight Festival Lineup News

Following on from the announcement for Fridays linup of 'The Prodigy', 'The Ting Tings', Pendulum and Basement Jaxx. Razorlight and Stereophonics have been confirmed as the headline acts for Saturday. Whilst the Charlatans will be playing the Big Top on Sunday.


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Vesta's striving in turbulent times - Recession - Isle of Wight

Vesta's Technology UK are still striving to build on their foothold in the marketplace. Amidst a recession we need companies like Vesta's to thrive and bring stability back. They are proposing a multi million pound expansion plan on the West Medina Mills site. Not only will it build it's own facilities but will give a much needed upgrade to Stag Lane, they would also carry out improvements to the quayside to enable transport of the blades by barge. Not only will jobs be created by the development but the wind turbine company will need 100's of skilled workers to operate the plant. Newport town council have given their support for the plans but several Stag Lane residents have objected.


Friday, 13 February 2009

The Needles Old Battery and New Battery

This spectacularly sited cliff top fort which is in the care of the National Trust has the best views of the Needles Rocks and a fascinating military history brought to life in cartoons by comic book artist Geoff Campion. Families can explore the site with an updated family discovery pack and become ‘Soldiers on Watch’ and new for 2009 is a soldier trail for young children.
The New Battery contains an exhibition about the part the site played in Britain’s race for space (opening times vary).



Have you been to The Needles old or new battery? Then leave your feedback, reviews or comments on the blog......


Newtown Old Town Hall - Isle of Wight

The small, now tranquil, village of Newtown once sent two members to Parliament and the Old Town Hall, which is now in the care of the National Trust, was the setting for often turbulent elections. This historic building contains an exhibition depicting the exploits of ‘Ferguson’s Gang’ – a mysterious group of anonymous benefactors as well as other local history. Regular art and photographic exhibitions are also held in there and footpaths lead to the adjacent estuary and nature reserve.


Have you been to Newtown old town hall? Then leave your feedback, reviews or comments on the blog......


Mottistone Manor Garden - Isle of Wight

Mottistone Manor Garden, which is owned by the National Trust, is one of the most peaceful and magical gardens on the Island. Set in a sheltered valley with views to the sea, the gardens with their colourful borders, shrub-filled banks and grassy terraces surround an Elizabethan manor house (tenanted). There is a small, but thriving organic kitchen garden overseen by a resident scarecrow and a plant sales area. For children there is the ever popular flowerpot trail or they can become garden detectives and explore the garden with a revised family discovery pack.


Have you been to Mottistone Manor Garden? Then leave your feedback, reviews or comments on the blog......


Brighstone Shop and Village Museum

The island’s National Trust shop is housed in a row of pretty thatched cottages together with the village museum with its evocative tableau and interesting exhibitions about Victorian village life.


Have you been to the national trust shop/museum? Then leave your feedback, reviews or comments on the blog......


Bembridge Windmill

This picturesque 300 year old windmill, which is in the care of the National Trust, is one of the best loved landmarks on the Island. Although no longer working, it has most of its original wooden machinery intact and visitors can explore the windmill’s four floors, touch the machinery and enjoy the views across the surrounding countryside. There is a small kiosk selling drinks and ice-cream and the windmill is also the start of the Culver Trail.


Have you been to Bembridge Windmill? Then leave your feedback, reviews or comments on the blog......


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain and more Rain - Isle of Wight

Last night the Island took a battering from some pretty hefty rainfall. Parts of the Island recieved a months worth of rain overnight. This has left parts of the Island inaccessible, the tunnel on the Ryde section of the train line is flooded so is shut off with trains only going as far as St Johns Station. Wightlink are not running their Fast Cat service and 2 picks ups will be made by the car ferry from the Pier head. Be careful out on the roads too as some roads have been closed due to the flooding.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

GOWIGHT.COM - The Review

A diluted look at the Isle of Wight in my opinion, lack of content or knowledge of that content has made a lackluster attempt at boasting about the Isle of Wight. For the people that don't have time or access to watch a small video there is little content to keep the viewer amused. I know from this website when people are looking for something they will find it, absorb the content and then browse the other sections that seem appealing. It appears with the switch from Council to Chamber involvement that Tourism has suddenly become a numbers game that unless you are willing to spend X amount of funding on you apparently don't exist. The pocket guide is essentially in the same situation with less content regarding the Island and more advertisers. I can see what's happening an elitism will be formed with the big players, leaving everyone else to feed off of what's left over. I feel that someone has somehow missed the point though and firmly believe that in this situation more information is what is required. Access to lower grade advertising options for smaller businesses would have created more revenue and a better all round site in my opinion.

Content wise there is some point going on about White Air when it is now irrelevant with us losing it to Brighton.

Why use www.gowight.com in all your advertising and then use the .co.uk extension to hold all the content? You go through a divert which you actually notice, at least blank the .com page off.

Tourism should be greeted with open arms, we are in the midst of an economic downturn and the Island COULD quite happily favour greatly from it, if it were marketed correctly. People from the UK will be less inclined to holiday in Europe in fear of the £ being so weak, which in turn should favour the seaside resorts. Furthermore Europeans should reap the benefit against the £ and holiday in Europe. Surely an advertisement even without the star spangled video should have been offered to the other hoteliers and attractions?

All in all i'm dissapointed that the Chamber of Commerce now seemingly has control over tourism and looking at the evidence only in the best interest of their members and not the Island in general.


Friday, 6 February 2009

Isle of Wight Festival & Bestival News

Just a few more snippets for the music fans out there:

The Isle of Wight Festival has announced 'The Majority' have won the Battle of the Bands competition obviously a major coup for any young budding artist as they will feature on the Acoustic bandstand. Theo Wiley, Matt East, Louis Fitton and Charlie King make up 'The Majority'.

In Bestival news Passion Pit have had an official announce by Rob da Bank in the Bestival forums and moving onto CampBestival news PJ Harvey will be making an appearence at CampBestival


Monday, 2 February 2009

Red Jet sevice disrupted

The red jet service from Cowes to Southampton is today on an hourly service, this is not due to the weather conditions. I hear that one of the Jet's broke down last night and others are in for servicing leaving only one Jet in action. The Jet will now leave on every Quarter past the hour in an hourly fashion. Parts for the stricken Jet are apparently on their way from Germany.


Isle of White - Snow

This morning we became the Isle of White for the first time in a while, some overnight snow left a dusting in most places and a bit more in others. Isle of Wight Radio are advising drivers to stay off the roads unless absoloutley neccessary. To be honest I orriginate from the mainland and have seen much worse than this and still drove 45 miles to work, but hey the Islanders not seeing much snow won't be that used to the conditions. If you're going out wrap up and take your time.


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