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Saturday, 7 February 2009

GOWIGHT.COM - The Review

A diluted look at the Isle of Wight in my opinion, lack of content or knowledge of that content has made a lackluster attempt at boasting about the Isle of Wight. For the people that don't have time or access to watch a small video there is little content to keep the viewer amused. I know from this website when people are looking for something they will find it, absorb the content and then browse the other sections that seem appealing. It appears with the switch from Council to Chamber involvement that Tourism has suddenly become a numbers game that unless you are willing to spend X amount of funding on you apparently don't exist. The pocket guide is essentially in the same situation with less content regarding the Island and more advertisers. I can see what's happening an elitism will be formed with the big players, leaving everyone else to feed off of what's left over. I feel that someone has somehow missed the point though and firmly believe that in this situation more information is what is required. Access to lower grade advertising options for smaller businesses would have created more revenue and a better all round site in my opinion.

Content wise there is some point going on about White Air when it is now irrelevant with us losing it to Brighton.

Why use www.gowight.com in all your advertising and then use the .co.uk extension to hold all the content? You go through a divert which you actually notice, at least blank the .com page off.

Tourism should be greeted with open arms, we are in the midst of an economic downturn and the Island COULD quite happily favour greatly from it, if it were marketed correctly. People from the UK will be less inclined to holiday in Europe in fear of the £ being so weak, which in turn should favour the seaside resorts. Furthermore Europeans should reap the benefit against the £ and holiday in Europe. Surely an advertisement even without the star spangled video should have been offered to the other hoteliers and attractions?

All in all i'm dissapointed that the Chamber of Commerce now seemingly has control over tourism and looking at the evidence only in the best interest of their members and not the Island in general.


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