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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Isle of Wight Tourism Branching Out

The 2009 Isle of Wight tourism train has now hit the tracks running, £340,000 will be spent this year on advertising the Island in key area's. The campaign running under the title 'Just Add Water' will be for all to see throughout key area's. London and the Midlands where custom is already generated are going to be the main areas targeted and it is hoped this splash of cash will only add to the success. The adverts will be shown on the tube in London and across the bus network throughout the midlands. Advertising campaigns will also be found across the national papers and magazines in an attempt to bring people to the Island. With the economic downturn it is forecast that many more people will stay in the UK for their holidays this year. Making the Island the perfect destination for a great holiday.

However will all this be fruitful with an all new setup at the helm that is struggling to juggle the needs of the existing platforms? If you didn't already know the council has removed the tourism team from the Westridge centre and the 'Pocket Guides' have been passed to the Chamber of Commerce. On inspection of the Winter Pocket Guide all I can say is too much advertising and not enough content make for a poor publication. People used to hang onto the guides as a resource to the Island but these new guides do little to make you want to hold onto them. No more town guides, no longer a section on cycling it seems the content has been sucked out in favour of making more money from the guide. Gowight.com the new initiative that was planned to be launched back end of 2008 is still not live. With people already planning their 09 breaks and Easter not as far away as you imagine this really should be right in the spotlight.

All in all I think it's great that the money is still being spent to promote the Island but if people don't get the right information before they get here or while they are here they may well be very disappointed.


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