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Friday, 16 January 2009

Newport - Isle of Wight

Newport is the principle town of the Isle of Wight, making it the main shopping area for the Island.

You will also find a number of bars and restaurants along Newport high street.

Newport is the islands hub not only for commerical reasons, the road network on the Island all leads into and out of Newport making it very important to the Island's infrasructure. The reason for this is the roads all bottle neck into the centre due to the north centre of the Island being cut off by the River Medina. This causes all traffic from Cowes wishing to go East to either use the Chain Ferry or funnel into Newport outwards, the same can be said for East Cowes traffic going West.

What's going on in Newport:
Quay Arts
Newport Football Club
Newclose Cricket Ground

The Isle of Wight Festival is a music event held yearly in Seaclose Park (just outside of Newport) 2002 saw the re emergence of the festival on the Isle of Wight which always brings people to the Island in droves to see their favourite bands.

Other area's of interest that surround Newport are Carisbrooke Castle
3 Prisons are housed on the outskirts of Newport (Parkhurst, Albany and Camp Hill)

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